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    Ingmar Guillaume

    I would consider it a basic form of politeness if someone from support, after a month, would answer my question 45987 dated Dec 27th 2016 (assigned to Emy).

    Especially since I already entered twice a remark about it, and in chat spoke with Linh (Trinh?) who assured me it would be handled within a day (that was almost a week ago).

    I would also very much appreciate it if this ticket is not closed without my approval, as was my other ticket 28841.

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    Tien Phan

    We are sorry for your inconvenience. Our support provided access to your software. For latest SDK you can refer to this github repository

    You can use you headset (backer version) to get EEG data and performance metric with old version SDK in archived download page. But new headset will require latest SDK to work.

    If you can not find any SDK version in your archive list, please mention that to our supporter, so they will help you access that.
    Thanks for backing us on Kick Starter

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    Ingmar Guillaume

    Hi Tien,

    no, your support did not provide access to my software. I got and always had access to old software which is not updated anymore.
    I do not want the community SDK, I want the full SDK.
    If I update the firmware of the headset with the newest firmware, I will indeed have access to the latest SDK, which I have to buy.
    And THAT is exactly the whole point. I paid for EEG access in the KS campaign, and then, when ready to go commercial, Emotiv just blocks KS backers who made it possible to GO commercial by issuing an SDK that requires a subscription service.
    Other KS projects have a licensing service that gives KS backers lifetime free access, not limited to e.g. 40 recordings per month. I can’t see why Emotiv would not be able to do that, as others can.

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    Tien Phan


    Can you still access EEG with old software? Old firmware for KS backer still have EEG access without subscription.

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    Ingmar Guillaume

    Yes Tien,
    I can still access EEG with the old software, but that is exactly the problem. I do NOT want the old software, I want the new SDK. Why would one want to use old software when new software is available?
    It is perfectly feasible to issue a perpetual license to KS backers. The only thing you need to do is set the number of allowed recordings to 9,999,999. That should be enough for a lifetime. Other companies that started on KS do that, why would that not be possible with Emotiv?
    And what about the so called “not readiness” of the Linux, Android and Raspberry Pi (EEG) SDK’s? You are selling them, so my “educated” guess is that they ARE ready and available, but that Emotiv just does not want to give them although previously agreed to by Geoff Mackellar.

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