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    Leal Daniel

    Hello, I have a question:
    I’m trying to get the emotions like ExcitementShortTermScore,FrustrationScore,AffectivGetMeditationScore,EngagementBoredomScore and Stress using the EDK with Java. I’m using the code found on Github

    Previously, I was able to get the emotions using the following code in Java:

    if (state == EdkErrorCode.EDK_OK.ToInt()) {
    int eventType = Edk.INSTANCE.IEE_EmoEngineEventGetType(eEvent);
    Edk.INSTANCE.IEE_EmoEngineEventGetUserId(eEvent, userID);
    // Log the EmoState if it has been updated
    if (eventType == Edk.IEE_Event_t.IEE_EmoStateUpdated.ToInt()) {
    Edk.INSTANCE.IEE_EmoEngineEventGetEmoState(eEvent, eState);

    But with the new version of EDK I’m unable to get the score of the emotions because the method ES_AffectivGetEngagementBoredomScore(eState) doesn’t exits anymore.

    How can I archive with the new EDK?
    thanks for your feedback.

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