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Why recording limitation???

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    Alberto GHM
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    Alberto GHM

    I would like to know why using testbench now we cannot record more than 50 times per month.

    When i bought this device there was no any announcement on this issue.

    Also we cannot record offline in a wireless device, the main characteristic of your device is that we can bring it ANYWHERE, including places where there is no internet, does this make any sense?!?!?!?!?!?

    I bought this device for a research project in neurosciences and with this limitations you are making it very difficult for us to use your device for research goals. I had scheduled all May with more than 50 participants to record data (several recordings per participant) and now you are asking money to record more than 50 times without notice?

    Not to say all the issues I (we) had with your software in MAC OS and the problems with the headset configuration (sampling rate, etc)

    I find this very disrespectful and very unprofessional.

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    Apologies, for some reason you were issued with a restricted commercial version of Testbench which was made specifically for a articular partner. Please check your DOWNLOADS section for a revised version, which should be 3.1.0. Contact support at hello at emotiv dot com if the file has not been updated yet.
    We do not plan to restrict use by any customer who purchases units under the currently advertised conditions!

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    Alberto GHM

    Hello gmac,

    Now testbench doesnt work at all. I have 3.1.19 now and it crashes as soon as i turn the epoc on (on MAC).

    This is really very frustrating, i bought it more than one month ago and I still cannot make it work properly.

    Please make it work!

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    Cuong Trinh

    Hi Alberto, which build version on your TestBench ? You can check it in Help -> About Xavier TestBench.

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    Alberto GHM


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    Cuong Trinh

    Thanks Alberto, We are fixing some bug on this version. We will notice you when app is uploaded on website.

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