Sample Arduino Uno Code With Epoc+

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    Adbizar Asmon Rizal

    Sample Arduino Uno Code With Epoc+ and DC motor

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    Adbizar Asmon Rizal

    Hallo Emotiv, community & good friends

    I want to test a DC motor using EPOC+, but it was difficult. To test the Emotiv Epoc+, can you help me about arduino uno sample code, please ?

    Best Regrd

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    The Epoch has a wireless interface to a USB dongle – it is very un-likely that you will be able to interface to the dongle from an Arduino. Talk to the people who make it and ask if they have drivers that work on any platform other than a PC – if not then you’ll need to use a PC – which can with some extra hardware , control motors. Alternatively you might be able to get the Epoch people to document access to the wireless protocol but I wouldn’t expect them to agree.

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    The PC (or Mac or Linux platform) is used to run the Emotiv detection suites. These are MUCH too heave for the poor processor in the Arduino Uno. It makes no sense whatsoever to try to read the data directly from the USB receiver, it won’t mean much to the Arduino anyway. It is encrypted EEG data.
    The example code shows how to use your Emotiv headset and PC to make things happen with Arduino, based on your brain activity. We often use the Arduino as an interface to external device such as a motor drive or radio controller. The PC runs the detections, conveys the results to the Arduino and it does its thing controlling the GPIO ports to make stuff happen.
    Note that we are looking into more advanced embedded boards that have enough processing power to run our detections. We will be releasing details after we verify operation and make compatible drivers. Some of these devices even have embedded Bluetooth SMART which is awfully convenient!

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