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    Can’t save in testbench /find manual for 3d BrainMap

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    I have recently acquired my headset, with EEG and am very keen to get going. However I’m having some problems which are increasingly frustrating. Any help greatly received!
    1. I can’t save in testbench. I select location, press stop, windown closes but the folder is empty. I have tried many different locations. Where does the info go?!! How do I save a file? THANKS!
    2. I was hoping to use a comprehensive package but realise that MindWorksSoftware, Bioexplorer and Openvibe all dont work on a mac. Are there any equivalent packages for mac out there?
    3. I downloaded 3dBrainMap-premium but there isn’t a manual included.
    4. In Control panel, how can you have multi-people use? Is there a way other than create new user and have to wait for the email to activate? I want to use this in my meditation classes hence wanting the better software but in the interim thought I could perhaps just use the control panel -but how do I do this for different users?
    PLease help. I’m very keen to get stuck in!!


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    If you have any experience with software, you can build BCI2000 or OpenViBE from the source code repositories. Unfortunately the apps you refer to are all third-party apps and we are not able to provide OSX versions if the supplier does not support the Mac platform.
    Please advise which version of Testbench you are using. Did you check the manual?
    3D Brain Activity Map has a full manual on my Windows installation, included in the installation directory. It should be there in the Applications folder on Mac.
    Our team will respond regarding multi-users on Control Panel. What version are you using?

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    Patrick Chu

    Hi Sally,

    Which version of Testbench are you using? And details about your OS and computer would help as well. Older version of Testbench may have issue saving file to a location that has spaces anywhere in the full path, so may be try another location without space in the full path.

    Unfortunately as Control Panel is using EmotivID for login, you will have to activate the EmotivID before you can use it. And for those 3rd party apps you may need to check with them for Mac version.

    I will have to check with the dev team about missing doc in 3dBrainMap-premium.

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    Thankyou for your responses Gmac and Patrick,

    I do not have experience in software building unfortunately, probably why I’m on such a steep learning curve with this! I am interested in using the device for monitoring brainwaves and testing methods of altering them using neurofeedback tools. If you are aware of ANY software that does this on a mac platform I would be grateful. I am sure there must be many..

    I have version 3.1.19 of Testbench. I only bought it this month so would hope this is the latest version! Yes, Ive read and reread the manual. there is no specifics or detailed explanation on how to save a file, just the buttons to use to do so. I imagine this is perfectly adequate if only it worked that easily! I have tried numerous locations on my computer to save the files. They just come up empty, and the save box disappears as if its saved but where oh where does it go!!??

    There is no manual with 3D Brainmap on my mac version. As one clearly exists please could you send me a link to download it?

    I am using OS X 10:11:3

    Many thanks in advance,


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    Alberto GHM

    Same problem here with testbench 3.1.19, it doesnt save the data in mac. However it does it using windows.

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    Have you checked your Downloads area to make sure you have the latest release? Contact support if you are still having problems

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    Alberto GHM

    I got the new version (i did not expect new one in less than one month!). Now i can save the data.

    However, i have new questions, ill open a new discussion for it.

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    Alberto GHM

    I cant create a new post so i write it here:
    I downloaded the new version of testbench 3.3.1 and i found a lot of limitations we did not have before.

    Why we cannot choose the location to save the files?
    Why do we have a limit quota to save data per month?
    Can we delete any of those data from the cloud (to be able to record more)?
    What happens if we reach that quota? Im sure i will need more than 50 recordings per month.

    Apparently now we need internet to record and save data.
    What happens if we do not have internet access and we cannot log in? I will need to run the device in places without internet (its portable! thats the point!)
    Is it reliable to depend on the internet to save the data? If internet doesnt work properly during the recording then we loose the data??


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    We had mistake in adding Testbench app to your account. With Testbench v3.3.1 we have not published it so we will revert it to Testbench v3.1.20 for you. You can set your mind at rest when you use Testbench for recording .

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    Alberto GHM

    Are the bugs of saving data and sampling rate fixed in 3.1.20?
    Please let me know when you change it, I still have the 3.3

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    ngoc tran thuy

    We fixed bugs of saving data and sampling rate in v3.1.20.
    We will email for you again as soon as we update it

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    I have just checked my downloads and I still have v3.1.19. Can you please let me know how I can update to the version to fix the saving problem? Thanks

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    Alberto GHM

    I have the testbench 3.1.19 and it crashes on mac as soon as i turn the device on (as it happened previously with control panel).

    Please, let me know as soon as you fix it.

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    Hopefully we should have this rectified today. We are uploading 3.1.20, please check your downloads page

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    Cuong Trinh

    TestBench 3.1.20 is updated on website. You can check and redownload app.

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