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Has Anyone thought about the dual usability?

Homepage Forums User comments Comments on applications Has Anyone thought about the dual usability?

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    Lorcan Heer

    a Door once opened, may be stepped in either directions

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    Lorcan Heer

    Dear Developers and Users,

    when getting an email about Tan Le,
    it surprised me a bit and terrified me completely.
    Please try to understand, like tech alot.
    but this is a dangerous undertaking.

    Has anyone thought about the dual usability?
    A woman once said, a door, once opened, may be stepped in either directions. Wise words.
    we can use this tech to learn to control computers, play games, do amazing things. However, it also give the chance to for the computers or those in control of the computers to control our brains. This is spoken from a point of knowing (experience) that it is possible. How do you put a firewall between the device and your consciousness?
    For those who are interested. Here is a link and a challenge. Listen to the audio-file completely. And after, send me a reply.
    Kind regards,

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    Armen Terabelian

    ridiculous audio link.
    you almost caught my interest but that link killed it. good luck with that

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    De la Morena Alexia

    Hi Guys, I need a help trying to understand better how to extract and analyze data. Could some one of your give me some tips to save my life? Sincere regards, This is also my email: [email protected]

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    Stephen Brian

    Thank you for the post.

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