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    Delphine Dean

    Can Emokey be used for the EEG headset?

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    Delphine Dean

    I have the opportunity to work with an Emotiv EEG headset through my University, and I am interested in interfacing it with an Arduino Uno. I have read some solutions that utilize Emokey along with other programs, but I cannot find a download link for Emokey. The associated page says Emokey is included free with the EPOC. Since I own the EEG rather than the EPOC, is it possible to use this software?

    If not, I would love any suggestions for interfacing the EEG with an Arduino.

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    EmoKey is built in to EPOC Control Panel (compatible with all headset models) and there is a more flexible version available under the TOOLS menu item for the SDK version.

    Our SDKs add functionality to the basic headset – everything you can do with a standard EPOC model can also be done with SDK models including the EEG model

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    Manar Saud

    how can i access Emokey

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    Good question, actually.

    I bought the Research edition SDK with the EPOC+ in March 2015, and I still have the Xavier Control Panel – Premium fr om back then on my old computer (and works on new), but I couldn’t find the EmoKey that would emulate a virtual keyboard [I](and as far as I could tell – bind mental commands to keystrokes on it?)[/I]
    But before copying the Xavier Control Panel from my old laptop – I wanted to download the latest version from Emotiv – but in ‘My Downloads’ found only an installer for the EDK .dlls (that are about 12Mb after installing, vs 100+Mb of the Control Panel).
    I have used both the Control Panel, the Test Bench, and also used the EDK .dll files in my own little program, but I couldn’t find the EmoKey? So hence a couple questions:

    1) Wh ere can I download the EmoKey module that creates a virtual keyboard and ties mental commands to keystrokes?
    2) Why is the Emotiv Xavier SDK (with Control Panel and Test Bench) – no longer available for download (even for users who purchased the Research edition EPOC+) ?

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    Apologies Mikhail, our website went through a rebirth and I missed your question. Has it been resolved yet?

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