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All About The Emotiv EPOC in Detail.

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    I couldn’t find this information here so I brought it.

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    QEmotiv EPOC – What all it does.E

    I couldn’t find any of this on the website, so I hope this helps other like myself who wanted to know more about it before buying.

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    Bad review on the Cognitiv suite, since the whole point of that is control by thought alone, not all the crazy head-wagging and exaggerated blowing expressions he mentions. The reviewer totally misunderstands what the Cognitiv detections are, and treated them as a subset of the Expressiv suite.

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    Yes, we worked through that issue with the author, Robert Oschler. He’s quite a bit better at Cognitiv now. Overall we think it’s a great summary of what’s there and how it works, apart from the Cognitiv issue. Shame about that one…

    Robert is still very active on the forum and is developing new apps. His latest was to control a Rovio security robot over the internet using Skype protocols – including returning the video signal. Truly beautiful – control the robot’s movements and camera settings with Cognitiv actions and watch the vidoe stream in real time 🙂 The article is <QhereE> and the video is <QhereE>

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