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Choose how you get participants

Deploy your experiments to participants you’ve recruited or have the option to use our GLOBAL community on EmotivLABS.

Focus on what you do best

EmotivLABS takes on participant recruitment, scheduling, and data collection for you to focus on designing experiments and analyzing the results.

Save money and time

Learn about the new cost effective and time efficient way to deploy neuroscience experiments. We can cut your experiment expenses up to half and help collect data 5x faster.

Get high quality research-grade data

We provide high quality research-grade data by certifying each participant with a training program to achieve good contact and EEG quality. Save hours of set up time with our trained and certified participants!

Find global participants

With EmotivLABS, you can have access to our connected community of over 100,000 users across 120+ countries. Draw from contributors of different ages, ethnicities and geographies to increase diversity and representation to your experiment!

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A comprehensive toolkit for conducting neuroscience research and education. PRO Suite is the end to end solution built for EPOC X, EPOC+, EPOC Flex and Insight.

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