Access participants globally

EmotivLABs gives you exclusive access to a wide range of experienced participants from around the world. They can participate in your experiment anytime or anywhere.

You no longer have to conduct in-person laboratory experiments with limited sample sizes. EmotivLABS gives you the opportunity to conduct experiments with a greater number of participants from around the world that can improve statistical power and allow you to draw more meaningful conclusions from a wider demographic.

Larger data sets will also facilitate the exploration of features beyond band powers – analyse big data sets and create machine learning algorithms.

Performance Metrics

Get access to high resolution, easy to digest Performance Metrics. Performance Metrics enable you to see 0-100 scores on a variety of affective and cognitive states, driven by EMOTIV’s proprietary machine learning algorithms.
All Performance Metrics have been built with data collected in controlled scientific experiments by the Emotiv Research team.

EMOTIV provides six basic measures of neural activity. Each measure is autoscaled in order to capture the variation of a specific range during a session. Autoscaling enables comparisons to be made between subjects sitting the same experiment.

FAQs about Ethics Approval

Some common questions you might need answering about getting ethics approval for your experiment including data privacy and confidentiality, informed consent and withdrawals from studies.

For more information, request a demo from our technology consultants or take a look at our EmotivLABS white paper.

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