Expanding the possibilities of real-world
EEG brain monitoring

Together, X-trodes and EmotivPRO enable researchers to conduct limitless
EEG brain monitoring that’s seamless, non-invasive and accurate.


Disposable adhesive patches are easy to apply to the skin, conforming comfortably and feeling secure for hours.

Advanced EEG software

EmotivPRO enables you to acquire and store EEG data on one platform.

Extended use

Stable and continuous EEG monitoring over a long period of time (up to 10 hours).

No gel, no saline

Exceptional conductivity between the skin and electrodes without gel or saline.

No limits

Conduct EEG brain monitoring anywhere doing any activity.

No wires

X-trodes is completely wireless— connecting seamlessly with EmotivPRO for real-time EEG data acquisition.


X-trodes x EmotivPRO 

X-trodes x EmotivPRO includes everything you need to get started with EEG brain data monitoring.

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Choose your montage

Conduct hours of high-quality wireless EEG brain monitoring with X-trodes multi-electrode patches

Xtr EEG12

12-channel wearable dry electrode array patch for EEG monitoring

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Xtr EEG16

16-channel wearable dry electrode array patch for EEG monitoring

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Xtr EXG2

2-channel wearable dry electrode array patch for multi-purpose electrophysiological monitoring

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All 3 montages

Bundle includes 10 pieces of each montage

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Seamless data collection with EmotivPRO

EMOTIV’s end-to-end neuroscience data collection platform is designed to assist you in every step of your brain research journey.

Revolutionary neurotechnology partners

EMOTIV and X-trodes have almost 30 years of combined experience in advancing wireless EEG brain monitoring technology. 

Driven by a passion for democratizing EEG technology, both have taken brain monitoring out of the lab and into the real world—enabling users to conduct brain research anywhere, doing any activity. 

EMOTIV’s partnership with X-trodes expands the possibilities of real world EEG brain monitoring. X-trodes’ adhesive electrode patches provide comfortable EEG brain monitoring for up to 10 hours in any environment. 

Paired with EmotivPRO, X-trodes now has a powerful partner in EEG data acquisition and storage in one platform, enabling users to conduct EEG brain monitoring in the real world.

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