Brain control

EMOTIV makes it possible to control machines using your mind. Trigger events using thoughts with our Mental Commands detection. Tune applications in real time to respond to your cognitive state using our Performance Metrics.

Data streams

EmotivBCI lets you train multiple Mental Commands and view your real time Performance Metrics. You can also view the Facial Expression and Motion Sensor data streams from your headset which can augment your BCI application.

Training profiles

Training feedback guides you to create strong profiles and unlimited profiles allow you to try different strategies or create profiles for different applications. Test your profiles by moving a cube with your mind or controlling the expressions of an avatar inside the app.

Supported Headsets

Recommended hardware

We recommend the EPOC+ for scientific research projects and educational applications. With 14 channels, the EPOC+ gives you a dense array of high quality data and set up time of just 5 minutes.

Recommended hardware

We recommend the Insight for everyday brain tracking. With award-winning design, the minimalist form factor and hydrophilic polymer sensors, the Insight is sleek and easy to use.

User manual

Check out our user manual on Gitbooks