Renault KADJAR presents Team Will Power

As a partner of the swedish multirace En Svensk Klassiker, Renault wants to find new ways to help participants get through the entire En Svensk Klassiker year. But to complete all four races, mental strength is also required. In a test Renault now helps future...

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How Naive Curiosity Solves Unsolvable Problems

by Nick Titus | TEDxCU     Nick Titus is a high school student who has worked with his co-founders to turn a science fair project into a solution for paralysis. Their company, Myonic Technologies (, has created a wearable device that allows users with paralysis to control...

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Fast Company: Chicago Ideas Week

Our brains are our body's most adaptive, powerful organ—and the least understood. With a new, mass-market technology, Emotiv, Tan Le aims to explore how our brains function in settings beyond the clinical. Le sits down with Chuck Salter to discuss the way our brains react...

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