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2021 Emotiv – Innovation Alley (City of Ryde) V1

EMOTIV is a bioinformatics company advancing understanding of the human brain using electroencephalography (EEG). Our mission is to empower individuals to understand their own brain and accelerate brain research globally. The technology falls under the umbrella of BCIs (Brain Computer Interface) also referred to as MMI (Mind Machine Interface), DNI (Direct Neural Interface), BMI (Brain […]

The Ultimate Guides to Explaining EEG, BCI, and Neuroscience

With the emergence of Neuroscience technology, new products for the brain are being introduced for consumer use. These technologies have opened up life-changing opportunities for research, consumer insight, brain-controlled technology, and wellbeing solutions. We introduce the ultimate guides to explaining EEG, BCI, and Neuroscience. Think: EEG 101, BCI Basics, and Neuroscience for Beginners. Navigate through […]

Introducing PRO-Lite

We are incredibly excited to launch PRO-Lite, our FREE offering of the PRO suite. PRO-Lite will replace our current 15-Day free trial with a LIFETIME free model. With PRO-Lite you get: Free, lifetime access to EmotivPRO on 1 device (max 5 recordings limit) Ability to view and playback all data streams in real-time: Raw EEG, […]

The Fortune Global Technology Forum

EMOTIV President, Prof. Olivier Oullier recently delivered a live demonstration of our intelligent brain-sensing earbuds MN8 during his presentation on the Future of Work at Fortune Magazine’s Global Tech Forum in Guangzhou, China. “Two key issues every organization is facing in the workplace are stress and distraction. Our brains are too often expected to adapt […]

Cartography of the Mind Exhibition

Emotiv Insight devices enabled the realization of “Cartographies of the Mind” by visualizing participant’s brain waves in an intuitive and easily adaptive manner.  “Cartographies of the Mind”, premiering at the House of Solutions, is a participatory installation by artist Judith Modrak which displays the brain waves of viewers as they contemplate climate change, pollution, and […]

TALKING POINT – BC Tech Summit – Interview with Tan Le

Tan Le at BC Tech Summit

Tan Le is a top innovation and business speaker, technology entrepreneur, and the Founder and CEO of EMOTIV. She has won numerous awards, including being named Young Australian of the Year in 1998, voted one of Australia’s 30 Most Successful Women Under 30, chosen by Fast Company’s as one of the Most Influential Women in […]

Reuters | Video: Neuroinformatics for Workplace Wellness and Safety

EMOTIV eeg headset - monitoring brain activity in real-time

Lisa Bernhard from Reuters came by our headquarters in San Francisco to check out our neurotechnology, and see how it was recently explored with SAP to scientifically measure stress and distraction in the workplace and offer new strategies to improve wellness and safety in the workplace.

EMOTIV and Varkey Foundation Team up to Provide World’s First Neurotech-Ed STEAM Solution

EMOTIV launches interdisciplinary STEAM program with Varkey Foundation at 2019’s Global Education and Skills Forum (GESF) to give access to Neurotech-Ed solution. Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Sunday 24 March 2019 : EMOTIV, the global leader in personalized neuroinformatics, will roll out the world’s first Neurotech-Ed program with the support of the Varkey Foundation in […]

How Emotiv found its way to the Off Broadway stage: An Interview with Tjaša Ferme of The Female Role Model Project

The Female Role Model Project is a pioneering theatrical experience that explores representations of female role models and their evolution while incorporating live neuroscientific recordings using EMOTIV headsets. Artists perform different role models such as Mulan, Marilyn Monroe, Michelle Obama and Melania Trump while the electrical activity of their brain is monitored using the EPOC+ […]

Tan Le: Making miracles with her mind – CNBC’s “The Brave Ones”

Tan Le emotiv ceo office

Tan Le is the founder of brain research company Emotiv, whose technology helped a quadriplegic man drive a Formula One car using only his thoughts. She spoke to “The Brave Ones” about fleeing Vietnam as a four-year-old, quitting a law degree for neuroscience, and why being an outsider is the secret to her success. 01 […]

Mind control: How a £200 headset is redefining brain-computing interaction

Tan Le wearing Epoc headset

Tan Le dreamed of operating machines using only thought. Now her £200 Epoc headset is redefining brain-computing interaction The piles of monitors in the front room at the offices of Emotiv Systems in downtown San Francisco resemble an electronics shop that’s holding a going-out-of-business sale. A back room, which contains workstations, is more organised, but […]