Social Media Manager

Company Overview

EMOTIV is on a mission to vastly improve our understanding of the human brain and to develop a platform for researchers, developers, and consumers around the world to be part of a global innovation task force. EMOTIV leads the field of mobile EEG technology and our technology has been validated and included in over 4,000 publications. We believe in the power of the human brain and our ability to tap into its potential to open up new possibilities for improving performance, health and ultimately, prevent disease. We are combining machine learning and huge brain data sets to accelerate brain research globally and to make a long term, positive impact on the world.

EMOTIV is a recognized pioneer and market leader in this field. Our products have won numerous international awards including the Red Dot Award, AutoVision Innovations Award, Australian International Design Awards, Australian Engineering Excellence Awards and Edison Awards. Our community of developers and researchers span over 100 countries.

Job Description

EMOTIV is seeking a full time Social Media Manager (SMM) develops and implements social media campaigns that engage and expand EMOTIV communities. The individual in this role analyzes and optimizes content. S/he develops and improves campaign and channel performance across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and new social platforms. The SMM drives product and program revenue, expands our brand recognition, and engages our various audiences – through a variety of social media channels. We’re looking for an innovative, creative and tech-loving social media manager to help bring the EMOTIV brand voice to life on our digital channels. This role will report to the CMO and work closely with the entire Marketing team as well as the CEO. The ideal candidate understands how information and content is distributed and consumed online and has their thumb on the pulse of the digital trends and conversations around the brand. You can’t help but join in conversations online around technology, startups, impact projects and strive to continuously improve our organic reach and engage with our customers/fans online and build camaraderie among our online community. You’ll find new and interesting ways to join conversations and aren’t afraid to take risks. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to do work that matters and join an exciting team and company looking to grow.


  • Bring the EMOTIV Brand to life and boost the profile of CEO Tan Le..
  • Grow our social media presence to support product and program revenue, expand our brand recognition and engage our various audiences through a variety of media channels.
  • Champion the EMOTIV brand and our mission, contributing positively to the company’s reputation and impact through organic conversations online.
  • Draft copy/creative ideas to organically activate our community and expand our brand reach Help evolve a narrative for our social media which is optimistic, impact focused, and which recognizes the disruptive potential of technologies across industries.
  • Post and curate content and copy which aligns with our brand narrativeIdentify existing gaps in reach and engagementIdentify and engage influencers within our community and thought leaders in our industry.
  • Draw upon professional knowledge and expertise to formulate recommendations about expanding the company’s presence in current and proposed social media channels.
  • Identify new social media tools and platforms which the company is not using.
  • Make actionable recommendations.
  • Work with our Community team to attract new members and understand the types of conversations happening organically.
  • Create copy to support our paid social campaigns through organic efforts.
  • Manage scheduling of program/product specific content and optimize for top performing content.
  • Regularly mine social analytics data for posts to see what content is performing best and continue to optimize ongoing content to see what resonates with our audience.
  • Regularly monitor competitors and other digital media companies, with the goal of understanding emerging trends and techniques.
  • Utilize qualitative and quantitative measures, as well as lessons learned, to summarize and report on the effectiveness of social media campaigns.
  • Share reports with stakeholders.
  • Regularly scan available media and articles to develop an awareness of the events, stories, and accomplishments associated with EMOTIV and use social media to share them with our community.
  • Develop new ways for us to leverage and repurpose existing digital content Medium posts, blogs, videos, photos, and graphics, etc.) Collaborate with the internal stakeholders to identify opportunities to promote events and programs, and cover EMOTIV events and programs live when appropriate.

Key Qualifications

  • 2-3 years of experience in the social media space at an agency or in-house creative team.
  • Experience creating social media content for all digital environments with a strong emphasis on social/ads.
  • Comfortable working within Figma or the Adobe Creative Suite and leveraging design templates
  • 1 year of video content creation experience for professional or personal use.
  • Clear ability to capture a brand voice and tone.
  • Ability to embrace and leverage brand guidelines.
  • Experience managing a multi-stream social content calendar and comfortable using scheduling tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, Later, etc.
  • Understanding of current social media trends and best practices.
  • Understanding of paid social (a plus).
  • An avid interest in EMOTIV, Neurotechnology and startups.
  • Good co-working skills and ability to communicate clearly and proactively.
  •  Confidence working on tight delivery timelines.
  • Experience working on a remote team (a plus)

What we offer

  • Attractive Compensation and Time Off
  • Passionate colleagues
  • Flexible working time
  • Development Opportunities
  • Energetic, open, creative and transparent working environment
  • Chance to learn about and work on the latest neurotechnology

EMOTIV is committed to an inclusive workplace that does not discriminate against race, nationality, religion, age, marital status, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity. We believe in diversity and encourage any qualified individual to apply. We are an EEOC Employer.

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