Cloud Software Engineer (Full time)

Company Overview

EMOTIV is on a mission to vastly improve our understanding of the human brain and to develop a platform for researchers, developers, and consumers around the world to be part of a global innovation task force. EMOTIV leads the field of mobile EEG technology and our technology has been validated and included in over 4,000 publications. We believe in the power of the human brain and our ability to tap into its potential to open up new possibilities for improving performance, health and ultimately, prevent disease. We are combining machine learning and huge brain data sets to accelerate brain research globally and to make a long term, positive impact on the world.

Job Description

EMOTIV is seeking a full time Cloud Software Engineer with a strong background building out secure, scalable distributed web services and big data analytics pipelines on AWS. The successful candidate will be responsible for building out EMOTIV Cloud Services for EEG related API’s, security, analytics and data management.


– Develop custom code as required to support the company’s product roadmap in Python on Linux platform
– Design and implement data models and web services to collect and share EEG application data
– Implement security solutions for authentication and authorization to govern data privacy, access control and sharing
– Scaling and distribution of cloud services as required
– Investigate and address cloud related support issues as required

Key Qualifications

– 2+ years experience in building web services using Python on Linux platform
– Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field
– Knowledge and experience in Linux server setup/configuration

Desirable Qualifications

– Experience developing and deploying cloud services on AWS, with components such as EC2, S3, SQS, RDS, ECS, ElastiCache, CodeBuild, CloudFormation, CloudWatch, VPC, Lambda, etc
– Experience working with cloud based security best practice including OpenID Connect, OAuth2, JWT and similar technologies
– Experience designing and test automation of RESTful APIs
– Experience in working with SQL, NoSQL databases such as PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, etc
– Experience working with data analysis in Python with Numpy / SciPy or other scripting packages
– Good English verbal and written communication skills

EMOTIV is committed to an inclusive workplace that does not discriminate against race, nationality, religion, age, marital status, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity. We believe in diversity and encourage any qualified individual to apply. We are an EEOC Employer.

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