Unbox EPOC X with EMOTIV President, Olivier Oullier

Here is more insight into our 14-channel mobile brainwear® EMOTIV EPOC X. Check out the unboxing video with EMOTIV’s President Olivier Oullier.

The 14-channel mobile brainwear® EPOC X is the latest EEG headset introduced by EMOTIV to mark the 10th Anniversary of our flagship EPOC. EPOC X leverages features that our EMOTIV community loves to enable long and contextual neuroscience experiments. EPOC X features a rotating headband, easy hydrating sensors and more.

Join our community of over 100,000 Researchers, Developers, and Fortune 500 Companies, who are leveraging this revolutionary EMOTIV Brainwear®  technology to create exciting BCI solutions and groundbreaking research globally.