Tan Le: Making miracles with her mind – CNBC’s “The Brave Ones”

Tan Le emotiv ceo office

Tan Le is the founder of brain research company Emotiv, whose technology helped a quadriplegic man drive a Formula One car using only his thoughts. She spoke to “The Brave Ones” about fleeing Vietnam as a four-year-old, quitting a law degree for neuroscience, and why being an outsider is the secret to her success. 01 […]

Camille Des Jardins and Intonic

Camille des jardins Emotiv Insight accessibility disabled Brain Computer Interface

Richard Warp and James Craft, a music innovator and composer, have teamed up to help fourteen-year old Camille Des Jardins to expand her musical voice. Camille is bright and musically gifted, but her expressive skills are hampered by the physical limitations of cerebral palsy. Using her eyes, Camille composes music through an effective but time-consuming […]

Manipulating the mind with Tan Le

Interview with Tan Le, CEO of EMOTIV, in Dubai Future Talks

EMOTIV CEO and Founder, Tan Le was recently featured as a speaker on Dubai Future Talks, a new platform by the Government of Dubai and the Dubai Future Foundation to bring together key individuals, organisations and ideas to co-create the framework for the advancement of humanity. As part of the series, Tan discusses the idea […]

Brain-Computer Interfaces by Electrical Cortex Activity

Brain-Computer Interfaces by Electrical Cortex Activity: Challenges in Creating a Cognitive System for Mobile Devices Using Steady-State Visually Evoked Potentials Pedro Morais, Carla Quintão, Pedro Vieira Abstract The research field of Brain–Computer Interfaces (BCI) emerged in an attempt to enable communication between paralyzed patients and technology. Identifying an individual’s mental state, through his brain’s electric activity, a typical BCI system […]

Music Emotion Capture: sonifying emotions in EEG data

Music Emotion Capture: sonifying emotions in EEG data G. Langroudi, A. Jordanous and L. Li Abstract People’s emotions are not always obviously detectable, due to difficulties expressing emotions, or geographic distance (e.g. if people are communicating online). There are also many occasions where it would be useful for a computer to be able to detect […]

Cognitive, physical, and mental health outcomes between long-term cannabis and tobacco users

M.E.Lovell, R.Bruno, J.Johnston, A.Matthews, I.McGregor, D.J.Allsop, N.Lintzeris   Abstract   Cannabis intoxication adversely affects health, yet persistent effects following short-term abstinence in long-term cannabis users are unclear. This matched-subjects, cross-sectional study compared health outcomes of long-term cannabis and long-term tobacco-only users, relative to population norms.   Highlights We examined health outcomes of long-term cannabis users […]

New Grant to Streamline Lab Delivery

We are proud to announce a very exciting partnership with Macquarie University’s Department of Cognitive Sciences to develop an integrated digital platform for lab-based neuroscience education! The platform seeks to bring together access to EMOTIV technology, delivery of educational content, led under Dr. Bianca De Wit and Dr. David Kaplan (who have recently published a […]

#EnjoyTheScience: Inside the brain of a Depeche Mode fan

Do you know how your brain reacts in a live concert? Professor Olivier Oullier and his longtime friend and fellow Depeche Mode fan, Tobal were recently invited to attend their concert in Paris to record their own brain activity over the course of the entire performance. The project, called “Enjoy the Science” aims at uncovering what […]

Mind-controlled robots: the factories of the future?

Mind-controlled robots

The Financial Times recently published an incredible video showing a futuristic brain-computer interface developed by Altran, powered by our EMOTIV EPOC+ EEG. The demonstration applies neural inputs in a manufacturing setting, to control factory robots, with a view to ultimately transform businesses and the way people work.   The introduction of neurotechnology in manufacturing presents […]

The Intuitive Car Finder – Volkswagen and Schachzug

German creative agency, SCHACHZUG, has partnered with EMOTIV to create an emotional intelligence showcase for Volkswagen AG. In this activation, called the “Intuitive Car Finder”, a user’s subconscious mind meets their preferred vehicle and color choice. The experience leveraged VR to immerse users in emotional scenes, serving as neural stimuli while simultaneous EEG tracking with the EPOC+ measured brain […]

Electroencephalographic changes using virtual reality program

Electroencephalographic changes using virtual reality program: technical note condensed title: a study using a mobile EEG device. Oliveira SMS, Medeiros CSP, Pacheco TBF, Bessa NPOS, Silva FGM, Tavares NSA, Rego IAO, Campos TF, Cavalcanti FADC. Abstract The aim of the study was to describe the technique of an electroencephalographic (EEG) assessment using the Emotiv EPOC® during the performance of a virtual reality motor […]

Renault KADJAR presents Team Will Power

To control this Renault SUV, just use your brain!   In another recent collaboration, Renault conducted a literal thought experiment in Sweden amongst a team of three athletes. In preparation of an upcoming circuit, a mental training coach was assigned to improve the team’s mental focus and coordination by challenging them to work together to […]

Understanding Our Appreciation of Music

To promote music streaming, Norway’s #1 mobile telecom service provider, Telia engaged Dimitrios Adamos from Aristotle University in Thessaloniki to perform a scientific music-EEG experiment using the EMOTIV EPOC+ to record EEG from 3 famous Norwegian artists while they are listening to songs of various music genres.   The recorded EEG data were analyzed using […]

EMOTIV at 2017 SharpBrains Virtual Summit

We’re pleased to have been proud sponsors of this year’s SharpBrains Virtual Summit, which took place on Dec 5-7. The Summit featured over fifty of the world’s top experts and innovators working on ways to enhance brain health and performance in light of emerging neuroscience and digital technologies.   The Summit explored the core themes discussed in the […]

Myonic Technologies Inc.

This month we’d like to spotlight the incredible story of a biomedical startup that came about from a high school science fair project. Nick Titus and 3 other colleagues from an engineering-focused high school created a wearable prototype in a design tech course that uses electrical impulses to create controlled muscle movement.   Out of […]

Your Brain on Hugs

In October 2017, EMOTIV partnered up with Huggies to bring to life the science of hugs at the Huggies Parents Council Science and Culture of Hugs event in Chicago. A 20-second hug can help your child grow smarter, healthier, happier, more resilient, less prone to illness, and more connected to their family/community. A young child’s […]

The Female Role Model Project – New York

The Female Role Model Project is a scientifically enhanced multimedia devised theatre piece built by an ensemble of female-identified artists about exploring old female role models and creating new ones in a world which confronts us with climate change, cataclysmic political change, and the possibility of reprogramming our brains.   Creator, producer and actor, Tjasa Ferme […]

Neurogaming Technology Meets Neuroscience Education: A Cost-Effective, Scalable, and Highly Portable Undergraduate Teaching Laboratory for Neuroscience

by Bianca de Wit, Nicholas A. Badcock, Tijl Grootswagers, Katherine Hardwick, Lina Teichmann, Jordan Wehrman, Mark Williams, and David Michael Kaplan   Abstract   Active research-driven approaches that successfully incorporate new technology are known to catalyze student learning. Yet achieving these objectives in neuroscience education is especially challenging due to the prohibitive costs and technical […]

IFA+ Summit 17: Erica Warp – Brain Wearables, The Next Level of Intelligence

Mindblowing Opportunities: Erica Warp at IFA+ Summit 2017, speaking about our future with Brain Wearables.   Erica shares ways in which humanistic intelligence is already being integrated into our digital worlds and how we anticipate this will evolve and shape our experiences, abilities, and health in the future.  

IFA+ Summit 17: Erica Warp – Brain Wearables, The Next Level of Intelligence

The IFA+ Summit in Berlin has been bringing great minds around the world to explore opportunities and trends that will impact and shape our future. At this year’s summit, our VP of Product, Erica Warp gave an incredible talk as part of “The Next Level of Intelligence” series.   Erica shares ways in which humanistic […]


B R A I N L I G H T  integrates biology and illumination design into an interactive, sculpture cut from perspex and engraved with neural networks. The brain sculpture lights up in response to changing brain activity transmitted from our EPOC+ headset.   As the participant views the colors on the Brainlight, their own brain waves […]

Brain-to-Brain Synchrony Tracks Real-World Dynamic Group Interactions in the Classroom

Suzanne Dikker, Lu Wan, Ido Davidesco, Lisa Kaggen, Matthias Oostrik, James McClintock, Jess Rowland, Georgios Michalareas, Jay J. Van Bavel, Mingzhou Ding, and David Poeppel   Abstract The human brain has evolved for group living. Yet we know so little about how it supports dynamic group interactions that the study of real-world social exchanges has been dubbed the “dark matter of social […]

RESET Exhibit – Milan Design Week

Can a space adapt to your stress levels?   EMOTIV, UNStudio, and SCAPE have collaborated to raise awareness and tackle stress in the workplace via a fully immersive experience at the Milan Design Week Conference, called RESET (Responsive Emotional Transformation).   RESET is a mobile, modular structure designed to include up to six different scientifically […]

Neuro-Tourism Research with Singapore Tourism

family emotiv insight headsets

In the first major foray into neuro-tourism research, neuroscientists Peter Simpson-Young from the University of Sydney and Associate Professor Joel Pearson from the University of New South Wales conducted research with the EMOTIV Insight with five Australian families on behalf of the Singapore Tourism Board.   Mr Simpson-Young said he was most surprised that the happiest emotions occurred in “postcard places” […]

Building Custom Cars with the Insight, A.I. and 3D Printing

Hello World – Episode 5 Mojave is home to a whole engineering revolution. Inventors of all stripes have flocked here to rethink machines. Some work on new rockets, some on new types of aircraft, and some of them work on new types of cars.It’s America’s great inventor playground, where people can push machines to their […]