EMOTIV EPOC FLEX has been validated for ERP Research

EMOTIV Flex - ERP research validation graphs

EMOTIV EPOC Flex (Saline and Gel) has been validated to capture quality Event-related Potential (ERP) data for research. The validation was performed by Macquarie University, Australia. The university is in the top two percent in the world and within the top 10 in Australia. ERP helps capture neural activity related to both sensory and cognitive […]

The Ultimate Guides to Explaining EEG, BCI, and Neuroscience

With the emergence of Neuroscience technology, new products for the brain are being introduced for consumer use. These technologies have opened up life-changing opportunities for research, consumer insight, brain-controlled technology, and wellbeing solutions. We introduce the ultimate guides to explaining EEG, BCI, and Neuroscience. Think: EEG 101, BCI Basics, and Neuroscience for Beginners. Navigate through […]

Introducing PRO-Lite

We are incredibly excited to launch PRO-Lite, our FREE offering of the PRO suite. PRO-Lite will replace our current 15-Day free trial with a LIFETIME free model. With PRO-Lite you get: Free, lifetime access to EmotivPRO on 1 device (max 5 recordings limit) Ability to view and playback all data streams in real-time: Raw EEG, […]

The Fortune Global Technology Forum

EMOTIV President, Prof. Olivier Oullier recently delivered a live demonstration of our intelligent brain-sensing earbuds MN8 during his presentation on the Future of Work at Fortune Magazine’s Global Tech Forum in Guangzhou, China. “Two key issues every organization is facing in the workplace are stress and distraction. Our brains are too often expected to adapt […]

Empowering 8 Billion Minds: Enabling Better Mental Health for All via the Ethical Adoption of Technologies

By P. Murali Doraiswamy, Elisha London, Peter Varnum, Barbara Harvey, Shekhar Saxena, Simon Tottman, Sir Philip Campbell, Alvaro Fernández Ibáñez, Husseini Manji, Mohammad Abdul Aziz Sultan Al Olama, I-han Chou, Helen Herrman, Sung-jin Jeong, Tan Le, Caroline Montojo, Bjarte Reve, Karen S. Rommelfanger, Charlotte Stix, Nitish Thakor, Kim Hei-Man Chow, Andrew E. Welchman, Vanessa Candeias […]

Deep learning-based electroencephalography analysis

Abstract Context. Electroencephalography (EEG) is a complex signal and can require several years of training, as well as advanced signal processing and feature extraction methodologies to be correctly interpreted. Recently, deep learning (DL) has shown great promise in helping make sense of EEG signals due to its capacity to learn good feature representations from raw […]

Asymmetry of Gains and Losses: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Measures

Diego Gonzalo Flores Brigham Young University The purpose of this research was to explore the effects of small monetary or economic gains and/or losses on choice behaviour through the use of a computerized game and to determine gain/loss ratio differences using both behavioural and electrophysiological measures. Participants (N=53) played the game in several 36-minute sessions. […]

PRO License Updates – New Features and Licensing Options

We’ve introduced a new Opt-Out feature in EmotivPRO that enables you to choose between local or online data storage. With ‘opt-out’, you can store your EEG recording data ONLY on your local machine.Or, with online data storage, the EMOTIV Cloud provides unlimited storage to secure, encrypt, and easily access or share your data amongst your […]

Cartography of the Mind Exhibition

Emotiv Insight devices enabled the realization of “Cartographies of the Mind” by visualizing participant’s brain waves in an intuitive and easily adaptive manner.  “Cartographies of the Mind”, premiering at the House of Solutions, is a participatory installation by artist Judith Modrak which displays the brain waves of viewers as they contemplate climate change, pollution, and […]

Personalizing Workplace Learning with SAP and EMOTIV

Originally published on https://news.sap.com/2019/09/emotiv-sap-personalizing-workplace-learning/ Let’s be honest: If your company sends out an invitation to all employees to participate in the exact same mandatory safety training, chances are that despite acknowledging how important safety is, you’re going to be quite reluctant to take this training. Read about a new collaboration between the SAP Design and […]

The Real Future of Work

emotiv mn8 headset technology earbuds workplace wellness safety productivity stress eeg sensors audio

Olivier Oullier Neuroscientist & DJ – President, EMOTIV The launch of EMOTIV MN8 is a very important milestone for our company. After nearly a decade of continuous effort and innovation, our wireless brain monitoring sensors and apps have empowered tens of thousands of passionate individuals around the world to monitor and better understand how the […]

A step forward in the quest for a mobile EEG-designed epoch for psychophysiological studies

white 3d brain for wellness safety and productivity

Emotiv in Research We’re excited to share the work from Sebastián A. Balart-Sánchez, Hugo Vélez-Pérez, Sergio Rivera-Tello, Fabiola R. Gómez Velázquez, Andrés A. González-Garrido, and Rebeca Romo-Vázquez from the CUCBA – Institute of Neurosciences and Departamento de Ciencias Computacionales who recently published “A step forward in the quest for a mobile EEG-designed epoch for psychophysiological […]

EmotivPRO Student

Student emotivpro emotiv license neuroscience

Keeping with this month’s theme of back-to-school, we are very excited to share that EmotivPRO Student is now available! We have spoken with and listened to our Student users and appreciate their on-going research and project contributions to Neuroscience. PRO Student has the exact same features and functionality as EmotivPRO but at a price point […]

Evaluating If Children Can Use Simple Brain Computer Interfaces

Background: The options for severely disabled children with intact cognition to interact with their environment are extremely limited. A brain computer interface (BCI) has the potential to allow such persons to gain meaningful function, communication, and independence. While the pediatric population might benefit most from BCI technology, research to date has been predominantly in adults. […]

Utilization of Psychophysiological Measurement for Determination of Human State of Mind during Brake Performance Test

woman driving car emotiv EPOC plus headset brain controlled technology

This paper reviews psychophysiological measurement applied on humans, by mainly focusing on brain waves observed by EEG sensor placed on scalp during brake performance testing. During braking high physiological stress, response and fear are observed, hence brain waves are monitored during brake test. Brake performance by two drivers (i.e. Driver A & Driver B) significantly […]

Introducing the New Centralized Installer Emotiv App, Our Improved Cortex V2.0 and Enhancements to EmotivPRO and EmotivBCI

software EmotivPro interface screenshot metrics software

We are very excited to officially launch the latest version of our proprietary API powerhouse – Cortex v2.0. Cortex enables you to build truly personalized experiences using real-time brain data. Cortex API is built on JSON and WebSockets, making it easy to access from a variety of programming languages and platforms. On Windows and MacOS, […]

EMOTIV EPOC Flex Saline Testimonial from Macquarie University

Eeg epoc Flex cap device electrode hardware headset product set

At EMOTIV, we strive to support and collaborate with our Academic partners to advance research and our understanding of the human brain. Partners since 2016, EMOTIV and Macquarie University have released joint publications and secured research grants over the years. Dr Williams, Macquarie University, shares his testimonial of the EMOTIV EPOC Flex Saline. “I’ve been […]

Prioritizing the wellbeing of Your Greatest Asset: Your Workforce

Professor Olivier Oullier, President of EMOTIV, represented EMOTIV in a high level panel discussion on wellness in the workplace organized at Fortune Magazine’s exclusive Brainstorm Health Conference. Together with Dr. Megan Jones Bell (Headspace’s Chief Science Officer), Marvelle Sullivan Berchtold (JP Morgan) and Jay Fulcher (Zenefits’ Chairman and CEO) who wrote a very thoughtful piece […]

Single-Trial Cognitive Stress Classification Using Portable Wireless Electroencephalography

This work used low-cost wireless electroencephalography (EEG) headset to quantify the human response to different cognitive stress states on a single-trial basis. We used a Stroop-type colour–word interference test to elicit mild stress responses in 18 subjects while recording scalp EEG. Signals recorded from thirteen scalp locations were analyzed using an algorithm that computes the […]

A Responsible Future for Immersive Technologies

The Rapid Growth of Extended Reality (XR) We are about to break one of the longest and most eagerly-awaited hype cycles in tech history. XR includes virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), haptics, holograms and an expanding range of immersive tools that use and enhance our natural senses. XR tools blur the boundaries between the […]

TALKING POINT – BC Tech Summit – Interview with Tan Le

Tan Le at BC Tech Summit

Tan Le is a top innovation and business speaker, technology entrepreneur, and the Founder and CEO of EMOTIV. She has won numerous awards, including being named Young Australian of the Year in 1998, voted one of Australia’s 30 Most Successful Women Under 30, chosen by Fast Company’s as one of the Most Influential Women in […]

EEG alpha rhythm detection on a portable device

Giordano B.S.Seco, Günther J.L.Gerhardt, Alex A.Biazotti, André L.Molan, Suzana V.Schönwald, José L.Rybarczyk-Filho Highlights We analysed alpha rhythm using the EMOTIV EPOC+ 14 channel EEG headset. We compared two signal analysis techniques – MP and FFT. EMOTIV EPOC+ and MP can be used in alpha rhythm studies. Abstract Portable EEG devices have a great potential to become efficient […]

Cognitive Performance of Business Leaders

Cognitive Performance of Global Leaders – Learnings from Davos 2019 James Hewitt / Olivier Oullier Chief Innovation Officer of Hintsa / President of EMOTIV The topic of brain health and performance is moving ever higher on the agenda of businesses and governments. The events and conversations in Davos 2019 were no exception, but this year we […]

Reuters | Video: Neuroinformatics for Workplace Wellness and Safety

EMOTIV eeg headset - monitoring brain activity in real-time

Lisa Bernhard from Reuters came by our headquarters in San Francisco to check out our neurotechnology, and see how it was recently explored with SAP to scientifically measure stress and distraction in the workplace and offer new strategies to improve wellness and safety in the workplace.

EMOTIV and Varkey Foundation Team up to Provide World’s First Neurotech-Ed STEAM Solution

EMOTIV launches interdisciplinary STEAM program with Varkey Foundation at 2019’s Global Education and Skills Forum (GESF) to give access to Neurotech-Ed solution. Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Sunday 24 March 2019 : EMOTIV, the global leader in personalized neuroinformatics, will roll out the world’s first Neurotech-Ed program with the support of the Varkey Foundation in […]

Evaluating If Children Can Use Simple Brain Computer Interfaces

Jack Zhang, Zeanna Jadavji, Ephrem Zewdie and Adam Kirton Background: The options for severely disabled children with intact cognition to interact with their environment are extremely limited. A brain computer interface (BCI) has the potential to allow such persons to gain meaningful function, communication, and independence. While the pediatric population might benefit most from BCI technology, […]

Project: Thinking Cap

Nataliya Kosmyna, a post-doc student at the MIT Media Lab, has created what she calls the “Thinking Cap,” a wearable system using the EPOC+ and a Bluetooth speaker that communicates praise for effort and ability in order to improve the resilience and self-esteem of students wearing it, thus aiming to positively influence their motivation and academic […]