Manipulating the mind with Tan Le

Interview with Tan Le, CEO of EMOTIV, in Dubai Future Talks

EMOTIV CEO and Founder, Tan Le was recently featured as a speaker on Dubai Future Talks, a new platform by the Government of Dubai and the Dubai Future Foundation to bring together key individuals, organisations and ideas to co-create the framework for the advancement of humanity.

As part of the series, Tan discusses the idea of understanding changes in the human brain using EEG technology and the opportunities this presents to us. By looking at the brain as the centre for control and experience, and observing it in context over a longitudinal period, we can see how it adapts over time, explore ways to optimize its performance and involve it more directly into other technologies and aspects of our lives.

Dubai Future Talks gathers a global community of visionaries, change-makers and pioneers executing frontier solutions and technologies. Its goal is to identify ideas, organisations and individuals that are at the forefront of change and broadcast them to audiences around the world.