IFA+ Summit 17: Erica Warp – Brain Wearables, The Next Level of Intelligence

The IFA+ Summit in Berlin has been bringing great minds around the world to explore opportunities and trends that will impact and shape our future. At this year’s summit, our VP of Product, Erica Warp gave an incredible talk as part of “The Next Level of Intelligence” series.


Erica shares ways in which humanistic intelligence is already being integrated into our digital worlds and how we anticipate this will evolve and shape our experiences, abilities, and health in the future. She further delves into the concept of brain augmented technology.


“By connecting our brains to machines that do things that we can’t, we can acquire capabilities that none of us have had before. We can augment our intelligence, our memory, our ability to communicate with one another…”


You can watch the full video of the talk via the button below!


Watch Video Here