FMCG Packaging A-B Testing using VR and Emotiv Mobile EEG Headsets

By VR-ify



Large food, drink and snack brands spend billions of dollars each year to release new products. The packaging of these products is often decided by a handful of marketeers/ designers, because it would be too expensive to conduct a large consumer A/B test with different packagings in real stores. With virtual reality we can offer a way to do exactly that. Our software displays a new product on a (virtual) shelf in an Oculus Rift that the consumer is wearing. Different groups of consumers see the same product with different packagings (A/B test). By using eye tracking and a brain wave measuring device, we find out which packaging leads to most consumers seeing the product and becoming interested or even excited about it. With this information the company behind that particular product can significantly increase the revenue potential of their product and decrease the risk that it will become a flop. Click here to read the full post

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