EMOTIV Extender Reviewed as a Great Hardware Event-marking Solution for ERP Research

EMOTIV Extender, the ideal companion of EPOC X, EPOC+ and Insight headsets to record/ store EEG data offline and extend headset battery, has received a positive review by Dr. Nikolas Williams, Macquarie University, Australia.

In the recent validation of Emotiv EPOC Flex for Event-Related Potential (ERP) research, Dr. Nikolas Williams and Dr. Nic Badcock used EMOTIV Extender to provide hardware trigger events to quantify Auditory ERP and Visual ERP waveforms. “I have used Emotiv Extender in a recent study validating Emotiv EPOC Flex and found it to be a great hardware event-marking solution for event-related potential research. It is user friendly and works seamlessly in conjunction with the suite of Emotiv EEG devices” said Dr. Nikolas.

Emotiv Extender has also been used to collect data with Emotiv EPOC+. It is part of a study that examines Extender event-marking.

“Further, I have run tests specifically examining the timing stability of Extender and found it to be well within jitter tolerances for measuring ERPs. Our lab’s previous solution for event-marking with Emotiv products involved a bulky custom-built device that required substantial post-processing to extract ERPs. Having the ability to deliver hardware-based event-marking directly into the EEG data stream has streamlined my research and I plan to implement Extender in all of our lab’s mobile EEG projects.” 

The below histogram shows trigger stability distribution of EMOTIV Extender triggers (both Arduino-based and parallel port-based) as well as Neuroscan parallel port for comparison.

Histogram showing trigger stability distribution of Extender triggers

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