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Introducing Brainwear – Register for Early Access!

We’re excited to announce Brainwear is coming soon and we’re offering you access to exclusive updates and early bird registration! Check out our new website: https://brainwear.io – we’d love to hear what you think!  Brainwear: the most advanced system on the market  Brainwear combines our sleek smart earbuds with an intuitive and intelligent app experience […]

Tracking of Mental Workload with a Mobile EEG Sensor

Abstract The aim of the present investigation was to assess if mobile electroencephalography (EEG) setup can be used to track mental workload, which is an important aspect of learning performance and motivation and may thus represent a valuable source of information in the evaluation of cognitive training approaches. Twenty-five healthy subjects performed a three-level N-back […]

Emotivate Change—a BCI Hackathon in Support of People with Disabilities

Emotivate Change—a BCI Hackathon in Support of People with Disabilities

Do you want to use your neurotechnology skills and knowledge to help support the special needs community? From Rodrigo Mendez, a quadriplegic, driving an F1 Race Car, Accenture developing software for people with ALS, and BCI 4 Kids creating brain generated art with the Children’s Rehabilitation Center in Alberta— it’s inspiring to see so many […]

The Future of Work is Here NOW!

EMOTIV — The Future of Work is Here NOW. Picture this: You’re sitting at your desk, your thoughts are streaming, and your fingers are flying across the keyboard. You’re in the zone—that magical state of flow when you’re at peak productivity. It feels so effortless, and you love what you’re creating. But then something like […]

A Fuzzy Shell for Developing an Interpretable BCI Based on the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of the Evoked Oscillations

Abstract: Researchers in neuroscience computing experience difficulties when they try to carry out neuro analysis in practice or when they need to design an explainable brain-computer interface (BCI) with a quick setup and minimal training phase. There is a need for interpretable computational intelligence techniques and new brain states decoding for a more understandable interpretation […]

Benjamin Pothier takes EMOTIV EPOC+ to the Moon

An international team of analog astronauts spent 15 days on a remote facility offering moon mission simulations. The mission took place in a repurposed nuclear bunker on a former military airport in northwestern Poland. The crew members participated in various experiments during the mission. This included psychological and physiological reactions to a lack of natural […]

Senior Web App Developer– Hanoi, Vietnam

What We Need EMOTIV is seeking a full-time Senior Web Developer to help build responsive single-page apps, hybrid cross-platform mobile apps, and data visualization dashboards for use with Emotiv EEG headsets. The selected candidate must be an effective team player, promote a collaborative team culture, and have a passion for building high-quality web applications that exceed […]

2021 Emotiv – Innovation Alley (City of Ryde) V1

EMOTIV is a bioinformatics company advancing understanding of the human brain using electroencephalography (EEG). Our mission is to empower individuals to understand their own brain and accelerate brain research globally. The technology falls under the umbrella of BCIs (Brain Computer Interface) also referred to as MMI (Mind Machine Interface), DNI (Direct Neural Interface), BMI (Brain […]

Customer Support Representative

Customer Support Representative (Customer Sales and Service CSS Group) Job description EMOTIV is seeking a full-time Customer Support Representative in the group of Customer Sales and Service Support (CSS). CSR will provide product sale & services information to convert any potential interest into revenue to achieve company goals, driving new revenue, or resolve any emerging […]

Junior Front-end Javascript/PHP Developer

What We NeedEMOTIV is seeking a front-end Javascript/PHP developer with knowledge of managing WordPress sites. You will play a key role in developing and maintaining our primary interface with existing and potential customers. You must be an effective team player, promote a collaborative team culture, and have a passion for writing high-quality code focused on usability, performance, […]

EMOTIV BCI API- Royalty free until you make a million dollars

We love our EMOTIV Community of Developers and we always not only hear them but learn so much from them. In order to  support our Developers, we have decided to  increase the royalty-free limit for our EMOTIV BCI API, making it easier and more open to create and share new applications!  Developers using the EMOTIV […]


As a Graphics Designer for the EMOTIV group of companies (EMOTIV Inc, Emotiv Research, and Emotiv Vietnam), your primary responsibility is to create engaging and on-brand visual assets for EMOTIV’s website and other platforms. The design assets you prepare are intended for EMOTIV’s website, products, and other marketing collateral. You will work closely with the […]

EmotivPipeline & OMNI -Alpha

Activate EmotivPipeline  Prerequisites for using EmotivPipeline are that the user must: a) be a current EmotivPRO license holder and b) be syncing data with Emotiv’s cloud servers. In order to see the EmotivPipeline features, you need to enable them within your EmotivPRO Settings. Go to the EmotivPRO settings (click the GEAR icon on the right-hand […]

Cortex version 2.6.1 is now released with BCI-OSC

BCI – OSC Open Sound Control (OSC) is a universal communications protocol optimized for modern networking to enable connections between computers and other multimedia devices. EMOTIV’s BCI-OSC enables EMOTIV Brainwear® and Virtual Brainwear® to interface with a wider variety of OSC compatible hardware and software applications. OSC allows you to send mental commands, facial expressions, […]

BRAINS VS VIRUS – Study updates

Public health communication strategies are too important not to be informed by rigorous science. This is why we launched BRAINSvsVIRUS: a non-commercial study leveraging EMOTIV’s brand-new remote brain data collection platform to better understand how people process COVID-related information shared by public health authorities and provide unique insights on the level of stress experienced by […]

EMOTIV EPOC Flex Firmware Update

We are excited to announce an upgrade to your EMOTIV EPOC Flex firmware, to version 0xF14. This free upgrade contains new support for the onboard 9-axis motion sensor, improves the Bluetooth(TM) SMART 4.0 connection, and significantly improves execution time and efficiency of the internal filters and data quality. In order to install the upgrade, please […]