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Physiological State and Learning Ability of Students in Normal and Virtual Reality Conditions: Complexity-Based Analysis

ABSTRACT Background: Education and learning are the most important goals of all universities. For this purpose, lecturers use various tools to grab the attention of students and improve their learning ability. Virtual reality refers to the subjective sensory experience of being immersed in a computer-mediated world, and has recently been implemented in learning environments. Objective: […]

Deep learning-based electroencephalography analysis

Abstract Context. Electroencephalography (EEG) is a complex signal and can require several years of training, as well as advanced signal processing and feature extraction methodologies to be correctly interpreted. Recently, deep learning (DL) has shown great promise in helping make sense of EEG signals due to its capacity to learn good feature representations from raw […]

Asymmetry of Gains and Losses: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Measures

Diego Gonzalo Flores Brigham Young University The purpose of this research was to explore the effects of small monetary or economic gains and/or losses on choice behaviour through the use of a computerized game and to determine gain/loss ratio differences using both behavioural and electrophysiological measures. Participants (N=53) played the game in several 36-minute sessions. […]