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Make sound art and music controlling pitch, volume and six other characteristics of the sound: LFO speed and depth, modulation frequency and ratio, reverb and waveshape. The subConch offers versatile mapping of cognitive and affective properties to the various synth properties. It also offers a special performance mode where the user can change properties using facial expressions. Other features are: training of the cognitive actions, profile saving and loading, and visualization of the sound and contact qualities. Connects to headset, control panel or composer.

SubConch currently only supports Emotiv EPOC SDK Users. A consumer version will be released in the near future.

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Mats Sivertsen, 12/05/2012 19:50:57
I have not been able to test this on Windows 8 yet – so I'm not sure what the "cannot find QtConch.exe" is about. One user had this issue when he missed/cancelled the self-extracting archive. Sometimes the window to the program folder obscures this prompt. A fix can be to navigate to Program Files/subConch/bin and manually create a shortcut on the desktop from the QtConch.exe from there. If the subConch-folder is empty but for the subConch.exe, then run the installer again and make sure the archive gets extracted properly.

See my other reply for side-by-side errors.

I have not found out how to subscribe to this thread so I should probably check it more often. Sorry for this. For a faster reply post a bug at

As for a Mac version, I have started tinkering with it...
Mats Sivertsen, 12/05/2012 19:23:07
First of all – use the "all users" version of this app – this one is out of date and can be buggy.

There is an issue with the vc_redist distributed with this app on Windows 7. You need to download a new and fixed version from Microsoft:

Then it should work!
gmac, 11/30/2012 04:10:19
Can you try 32 bit compatibility mode?
Dan Whitney, 11/29/2012 23:13:43
I can see that both of these people (Samy Kamkar and Bitrayne who posted on the forum for this app) had this error where it creates an executable and a short cut that both say "windows cannot find QtConch.exe" unlike the other two I am using windows 8 and I have not been able to stop having this problem. I've tried everything, including running it in window xp compatibility mode. What's going on? How do I fix this?

Samy Kamkar, 09/09/2011 20:54:42
Nevermind. You get that error if you accidentally cancel out of the Visual Studio reconfiguration.
Quote Name Samy Kamkar, 09/09/2011 20:51:07
Failed to start because it's "side-by-side configuration is incorrect" Win 7 x86. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a solution?
Quote Name bitrayne, 07/25/2011 14:27:41
Nevermind, missed the self-extracting archive ;)
Starting up works fine. Thanks
Quote Name bitrayne, 07/25/2011 14:24:57
I'm getting a Windows cannot find 'QtConch.exe' when I try to run this.
The executable is named subConch. When I change names, nothing happens. Missing a file?
-Windows7 64bit
Richard Warp, 07/11/2012 09:54:47
Any chance of a Mac version?
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