Emotiv EPOC 3D Brain Activity Map - Standard Edition


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NEW: Custom band definition, record and play back sessions, 3D surface models for each band.

Note: Research, Education and Enterprise Plus licensees should consider the PREMIUM Edition of this application

This application implements the capabilities and display modes of our popular Emotiv EPOC Brain Activity Map with a great deal of added functionality and a fantastic 3D display model showing the real placement of signals on your head.

The head model is a true 3D surface which can be zoomed and rotated to view activity fr om any angle.  The application displays a real-time map of your mental activity in four significant brainwave frequency bands. Adjustable gain allows you to see detailed information and relative strengths between different brain regions. Adjustable buffer size allows you to see instant responses or average activity over longer periods. Advanced Mode allows you to specify custom bands and view them one at a time. 3D Brain Activity Map allows you to save and replay sessions and insert up to four different kinds of markers in the data stream to highlight particular events during the session.

Delta (0.5-4Hz) - indicating deep sleep, restfulness, and conversely excitement or agitation when delta waves are suppressed Theta (4-8Hz) - indicating deep meditative states, daydreaming and automatic tasks Alpha (8-15Hz) - indicating relaxed alertness, restful and meditative states Beta (15-30Hz) - indicating wakefulness, alertness, mental engagement and conscious processing of information.

Compatible with the Emotiv EPOC consumer headset and SDK developer and research headsets.

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gmac, 06/16/2014 21:20:32
Please raise a support ticket. Also, please don't bomb the user forum, one single post is all you need
faj, 06/16/2014 14:37:45
I have the research Edition SDK installed and 3D brainmap Premium as an administrator but 3D Brainmap Premium keeps asking for the Research EDK which is installed.

I tried to run the activity map set-up as Administrator on a Windows 8 system but the installation could not be performed due to the error "Pre-installed EDK required, set-up will be terminated now". What should i do?

Thank you
Stephen Froom, 04/23/2014 18:29:11
Hi, I need to download the windows software again - please provide the link - thank you
gmac, 12/06/2013 14:07:08
Go to My Emotiv -> My Downloads and search for the application download link. Make sure you are logged in using the same account used to purchase the software
If the link is not there, please raise a support ticket
peltier michel, 12/06/2013 03:13:49

as you can see i did order this software, it has been paid but i was unable to download it.
thanks to help me
Reviews 1 - 5 of 65
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