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Mind WorkStation (MindWS) is a professional brainwave "entrainment" software package. In fact, it is the software used to produce the majority of neural stimulation programs on the market. TRIAL VERSION - 2 weeks (becomes full version when purchased)

Combining MindWS with Emotiv, you can not only measure the results of neural stimulation, also use the EEG data to optimize it. You can even do what is called "EEG-Driving," which uses ongoing, real-time EEG data to "drive" the brain to a certain state using auditory or visual impulses.

Mind WorkStation handles the entire process of creating professional brainwave entrainment sessions, offering a wide range of audio/visual effects, cutting-edge neural stimulation methods, and easy integration with biofeedback and EEG devices.

Whether you are a therapist, researcher, developer, neurofeedback practitioner or simply a brainwave entrainment enthusiast, Mind WorkStation gives you the tools you need to create real cognitive change.

Mind WorkStation comes with a number of samples and templates for Emotiv EPOC, allowing you to get up and running quickly.

- BioOptimization for Attention
- BioOptimization for Energy & Motivation
- BioOptimization for Frustration Reduction
- BioOptmization for Meditation
- EEG-Driving Alpha Relaxation
- EEG-Driving Beta Enhancement
- EEG-Driving SMR Enhancement
- Neurofeedback + Alpha Stimulation
- Neurofeedback + Beta Stimulation
- Neurofeedback + Gamma Stimulation
- Neurofeedback + Theta Stimulation
- Neurofeedback Game - Orbs
- Neurofeedback Game - Tubes
- Neurofeedback Game + Screen-based Neural Stimulation

In addition, our support staff has Emotiv EPOC devices on hand and are very familiar with it's integration. We are ready to help create the best neural stimulation solution for you.

FREE TRIAL VERSION - 2 weeks (becomes full version when registered)
Licenses: Regular $179.99 Professional $279.99 Enterprise $489.99

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gmac, 04/21/2014 16:57:42
Please contact Transparent Corp directly, or perhaps you can share a second trial period with a friend...
sue cohen sagi, 04/21/2014 11:33:13
2 weeks was not enough time for me to check the software as i was extremly busy during those 2 weeks. Is it possible to get another trial of a wwek or 2?
gmac, 09/30/2013 21:49:28
Not that I know of. It's third party software provided by Transparent Corp. Their website only includes Windows versions. Sorry! I suggest you hassle them about a Mac version smile:)
Brian Kirkby, 09/30/2013 12:55:14
Please for all future apps on sale - Just list which OS the app runs on!
I see lots of people asking if there is a mac version, it would save people time clicking through the comments for answers.
p.s. is there a Mac version of mind workstation?
gmac, 05/16/2013 01:01:07
Mind Workstation is produced by Transparent Corporation. Please see their website for more information. The comparison page you need is <http://www.transparentcorp.com/produc...arison.php>
Reviews 1 - 5 of 26
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