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This is a trial version of Mind Photo Viewer

View your photos with this App and enjoy the power of mind control!

Developed by Max Lo

Compatible with the Emotiv EPOC consumer headset and SDK developer and research headsets.

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gmac, 01/10/2014 00:59:31
The application is provided by a third party and is only available as a Windows application. Apologies!
Ernesto Briceño, 01/08/2014 16:45:34
Hola, estoy teniendo problemas para instalar el sdk y el software en un Mac MacBook nuevo, alguien me puede hachar una mano con posibles soluciones. Gracias
gmac, 01/14/2012 15:52:24
Mind Photo Viewer is a third party app. I believe the version on our site is the only one available. Please contact Max Lo who wrote the app to see f there is an upgrade.
Nukilwa Taquilaya, 01/12/2012 07:29:28
How do I get the full version of Mind Photo Viewer?
gmac, 09/05/2010 19:13:09
You need to decide which license is the one you need. If you are an independent developer and you plan to make products for free distribution, or if you are planning to make applications for sale and you are willing to sell them exclusively through the Emotiv web store, you can get a Developer Edition SDK (which includes a headset and software development kit). If you are ordering on behalf of a corporation and want to distribute your applications through your own channels, you should get an Enterprose Edition SDK.

If you think you need to access the raw EEG data stream as well as the Emotiv detection suites, instead of the Developer or Enterprise Editions you should obtain the Research or Enterprise Plus Edition.
If you are ordering on behalf of an educational or public research institution you should obtain the Education Edition license.

All of the SDK licenses I have mentioned include one headset and full access to Emotiv's detection suites. You can write your own programs to interact directly with the headset, or you can use EmoKey which interprets Emotiv detections and generates sequences of keystrokes or mouse clicks. All SDK applications will work with SDK headsets but you will need to get approval from Emotiv (and a small conversion file) to make your applications compatible with the consumer EPOC headsets
Reviews 1 - 5 of 12
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