EmoLens automatically indexes Flickr photos by emotions so you can search for them later not only with keywords but by your feelings too.  Note, a Flickr account is not required.
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Mind Photo Viewer
View your photos with this App and enjoy the power of mind control!
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Other Applications

Master Mind
Master Mind allows users to play their favorite PC games with the power of their mind. Existing PC games such as World of Warcraft™ and Call of Duty™ can now be played with the power of your mind.
This is my game called Homecoming aspiring to show how Emotiv can revolutionize Video Games by adding emotions as an input. It is a very small game, more like a demo,  so the price is going to be only 2.93$ . But I am also preparing a Gaunt
Cognitive Trainer
Better cognitive training experience because of unique reference image for each command.
Emotiv EPOC MIDI Control
Sends Emotiv Affectiv and Cognitiv values to a target MIDI port.
Control an AR.DRONE 2.0 with your Mind. Let it fly with cognitiv thoughts, facial expressions, Gyroscope or by Keyboard like a helicopter in GTA.
It's magic!
Bála Skepsi
Challenge Your Mind in Head to Head Gameplay!
Bála Skepsi lets you take your thought power to the next level by challenging your opponent in soccer like game on three different playing field experiences.  Take on the challenge today
Neuro Mousecontrol
Replace your mouse with EPOC. Click by winking your eyes, scroll by smirking or using your eyebrows. Supports left-, right-, doubleclicks, scrolling and drag & drop.
Neuro Programmer 3
Innovative software application that combines brainwave stimulation and applied psychology. Works with the Emotiv EPOC to stimulate and optimize brain activity.
Epoc Simulink EEG Importer
The Epoc Simulink EEG importer transfers the raw EEG data samples to Simulink in real-time. A Simulink block provides the received EEG data for further processing.
Mind Workstation
Professional brainwave stimulation and research software. Use the Emotiv EPOC to stimulate, optimize and measure brain activity. TRIAL VERSION - 2 weeks (becomes full version when purchased)
Mindala, a neurofeedback app to train your meditations skills.
Windows only.
subConch - all users
The subConch is a mind controlled synthesizer using the Emotiv EPOC headset. All headsets are now supported!
subConch - SDK users only
The subConch is a mind controlled synthesizer that utilizes the Emotiv EPOC headset.
SubConch current supports Emotiv EPOC SDK Users. A consumer version will be release in the near future.

Emotiv EPOC 3D Brain Activity Map - Premium Edition
Display, record and play back key brainwave bands mapped across 3D Head Models Define custom bands. EEG and FFT Chart views. Import Testbench files.
Emotiv EPOC Unity3D™ Developer Support Pack
This package contains a full Unity3D™ Wrapper for the Emotiv EPOC EmoEngine API and a working demonstration game project and assets.
Mind Mouse
Mind Mouse is a revolutionary thought-controlled software application which allows the user to navigate the computer, click and double click to open programs, compose email and send with the power of their mind.
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NeuroKey Demo
NeuroKey is a Windows compatible application that enables the wearer of an Emotiv EEG Headset to emulate a PC keyboard using head and facial movements, as well as pure thoughts. While there may be many uses for NeuroKey, our primary objective was to
A simple, highly configurable, on screen keyboard
Cortex Arcade
Download the pre-release version of the Cortex Arcade Demo.

The application includes the first three games that have been developed: Emotipong, Cererbral Constructor, and Jedi Mind Trainer (WingRaise).  Cortex Arcade wi
Mind Your OSCs
Send EPOC data as OSC packets to programs like Max/MSP and PureData.
For the first time, experience the feeling of flight with the Emotiv EPOC.  By using the Emotiv EPOC neuroheadset, take control of your character and guide them through the skies of a magical island paradise.  
Currently th
Emobot is an incredibly cute robot that responds and mimics your facial expressions and head movements.
Emotiv EPOC Brain Activity Map
This application displays a real-time map of your mental activity in four significant brainwave frequency bands. Adjustable gain allows you to see detailed information and relative strengths between different brain regions. Adjustable buffer size all
3D Brain Activity Visualizer
This application displays a real-time 3D visualizer of your brain activity in four significant brainwave frequency bands. Auto-intensity and adjustable intensity sliders allows you to see detailed information and relative strengths between different
Emotiv EPOC 3D Brain Activity Map - Standard Edition
Display, record and play back key brainwave bands mapped across 3D Head Models. Define custom bands.

Spirit Mountain Demo Game
Experience the fantasy of having supernatural powers and controlling the world with your mind. Your journey will take you through a mythical landscape of forests, temples and an environment that adjusts itself based on how you feel.
Uses a Emobot interface and it can catch your blink immediately. Try to beat your longest stare! Or how fast can you blink? You just wear the headset and try this game
The object of the game is to develop your Emotiv EPOC skills and rebuild Stonehenge, moving the giant triliths to reconstruct the monument. Your mission is to put triliths in the east, west, south, north of the sacred site, and finally to raise the a
This is a game that requires you to use the power of your mind against your opponent. To play the game, you must first train your mind to shoot fireballs using the Emotiv PUSH command.

This game supports single and dual player modes. For
EPOC Control Panel
Get to know your Emotiv EPOC. Get your headset set up and get to know the detection suites available.
Provides easy access to games and applications available for the Emotiv EPOC neuroheadset.