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IMPORTANT: To install on Windows 7 & Vista. Right click the installer and select "Run As Administrator". Please pick your preferred platform for this app, MAC or Windows, by choosing from the drop down menu.

Experience the fantasy of having supernatural powers and controlling the world with your mind.

Your journey will take you through a mythical landscape of forests, temples and an environment that adjusts itself based on how you feel.  Destiny, through the magic of your mind, will be yours to command!

Compatible with the Emotiv EPOC consumer headset and SDK developer and research headsets.

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gmac, 07/14/2013 07:39:57
iOS is not supported at this stage. Apple's USB interface is closed - we can't get data into the USB port. We are working to resolve this issue, hopefully before the end of this year.

Several Android devices support our USB receiver so we are working to release on Android first. Anything with USB OTG support and using Jelly Bean OS or later will work without rooting, earlier models can often be set up to support EPOC, sometime with a recompiled kernel
Rodolfo Casanova, 07/12/2013 11:36:54
hi folks, is there any way to connect EPOC+ unity 3d and running on iOS devices?
gmac, 05/08/2013 00:19:34
Note that you move using the arrow keys and change the camera view angle with the mouse. The mental activities occur at specific locations in the game
Chris Gomez, 05/07/2013 15:01:42
Hi, you need to have your control panel open and configured before opening up and playing the Spirit Mountain game.
wjp wjp, 05/07/2013 09:22:07
hello gmac, could you please explain how to play the game in detail? Need I connect to control panel while play it? I am not sure how to do with it.
Thank you very much!
best wish!
Reviews 1 - 5 of 30
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