Emotiv EPOC Unity3D™ Developer Support Pack


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This package contains a full Unity3D™ Wrapper for the Emotiv EPOC EmoEngine API and a working demonstration game project and assets which allow you to connect to EmoEngine and integrate EPOC functionality into a real game. You will need a copy of the latest Unity3D engine available from http://unity3d.com

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order@hgo.se, 10/06/2013 12:02:19
I agree. The information provided is at least lacking.

No updates , no information about what we are "actually" getting , how can it be used whether Unity pro edition or not is needed nothing.

This certainly doesn't gives an image of a serious company asking us to invest 80 dollars in their project.

Especially for the requirement of Unity Pro version I only found a vague reply from the Admin saying that you "propably cannot run this with the free edition".
Jacob Henwood, 09/12/2013 01:56:13
Is there any additional information on this "Developer Support Pack"?
> Which operating systems is it compatible with?
> Which programming languages are the scripts written in?
> Which headsets is it compatible with?
> How old is the information (what is meant by "latest version")?
> What kind of support exists once we purchase this pack?
> What documentation comes in this pack?
Quant, 03/10/2013 10:20:43
Will this be built for Mac or is it possible to do it ourselves? It's a bit inconvenient to have to use Windows only because of Emotiv Unity plugin.
Daniel Kulas, 02/10/2013 12:47:32
So, everything works fine for me. Just need to take the time to really read over the code provided. Documentation is lacking.

Also, Unity randomly crashes when using this plugin and I'm not sure what is causing the issue. Not much of a problem for me as I tend to save every 5 seconds but just a heads up for anyone else.
gmac, 01/21/2013 17:56:25
Not exactly, although you may be able to pull it off. SDKLite does not include a working version of EDK.DLL - it is an emulator. You may be able to use RemoteConnect() calls to a running version of Control Panel, but I think Unity doesn't play nicelynwith other running applications. By all means try it!
Reviews 1 - 5 of 91
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