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IMPORTANT: To install on Windows 7 & Vista. Right click the installer and select "Run As Administrator". Please pick your preferred platform for this app, MAC or Windows, by choosing from the drop down menu.

The object of the game is to develop your Emotiv EPOC skills and rebuild Stonehenge, moving the giant triliths to reconstruct the monument. Your mission is to put triliths in the east, west, south, north of the sacred site, and finally to raise the ancient temple which was buried in the middle of the stone circle.

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Eric Nunez, 07/30/2012 03:34:30
Thanks for the explanation. Apologies if i seemed a bit testy earlier. It's been two weeks of playing with this and i am now convinced this is a remarkable device. Mucho Kudos to your development team. :)
gmac, 07/24/2012 22:21:37
Hi Eric, when it's not on your head the EPOC picks up random signals from the universe (well, mostly from electrical wiring and appliances in your room). Because the reference sensors are not connected to anything the noise cancellation circuits don't work and you get random triggering of most detections. We should have disabled the detections when there is no contact detected, but tbh it's a useful feature for people developing software so they don't have to wear the EPOC the whole time to get detections triggering.
Eric Nunez, 07/22/2012 23:56:13
Eric Nunez, 07/22/2012 22:20:05
so i bought this program. played it. funny thing. when the emotiv headset wasnt on my head. the stones moved anyway. wtf.