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IMPORTANT: To install on Windows 7 & Vista. Right click the installer and select "Run As Administrator". Please pick your preferred platform for this app, MAC or Windows, by choosing from the drop down menu.

This is a game that requires you to use the power of your mind against your opponent. To play the game, you must first train your mind to shoot fireballs using the Emotiv PUSH command. This game supports single and dual player modes. For dual player mode (DUEL) each player will need an Emotiv EPOC headset and USB transceiver plugged onto the same PC. Make sure you have each EPOC headset attached to the correct player by turning both headsets off, andthen subsequently turning them on one at a time. The first EPOC detected will be attached to the left-hand player (the male character) and the second EPOC will attach to the right-hand player (the female character).

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Brett Powell, 11/09/2013 13:33:29
I found this game very weak and would rather train with the emotive control panel than this.
The problems are
Every time you play you have to retrain. This is annoying.
If you change levels you have to retrain.
I also agree with other comments that the push shooting fireballs is not intuitive but was not too concerned by this since I am trying to train to keep focused.
the visuals are good and a multiplayer shoot up with your mind is a great idea just seems to be poorly finished.
jtfell, 10/20/2012 23:48:45
This is not recognizing the headset at all on my Macbook Pro running OS X. In the info section, it does not recognize that any sensors are receiving information. They just stay black even though the Control Panel recognizes that signal is being received by the sensors (they are green).

Please help!
mani kandan, 07/11/2012 01:58:56
Wow its inspiring...
Erik Troglin, 02/11/2012 09:52:45
Vid would help. I looked on youtube as well and also found nothing
gmac, 02/10/2012 16:13:59
Yes, at present Arena only allows for a single action. Multiplayer mode is the new feature smile:)
Will put videos on the task list. Feel free to bring your own!
Reviews 1 - 5 of 6
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