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Master Mind Master Mind


Master Mind allows users to play their favorite PC games with the power of their mind. Existing PC games...

Homecoming Homecoming


This is my game called Homecoming aspiring to show how Emotiv can revolutionize Video Games by adding...

Cognitive Trainer Cognitive Trainer


Better cognitive training experience because of unique reference image for each command.

Emotiv EPOC MIDI Control Emotiv EPOC MIDI Control


Sends Emotiv Affectiv and Cognitiv values to a target MIDI port.

MindDrone MindDrone


Control an AR.DRONE 2.0 with your Mind. Let it fly with cognitiv thoughts, facial expressions, Gyroscope...

Bála Skepsi Bála Skepsi


Challenge Your Mind in Head to Head Gameplay!
Bála Skepsi lets you take your thought power to...

Neuro Mousecontrol Neuro Mousecontrol


Replace your mouse with EPOC. Click by winking your eyes, scroll by smirking or using your eyebrows....

Neuro Programmer 3 Neuro Programmer 3


Innovative software application that combines brainwave stimulation and applied psychology. Works with...

Epoc Simulink EEG Importer Epoc Simulink EEG Importer


The Epoc Simulink EEG importer transfers the raw EEG data samples to Simulink in real-time. A Simulink...

Mind Workstation Mind Workstation


Professional brainwave stimulation and research software. Use the Emotiv EPOC to stimulate, optimize and measure brain activity. TRIAL VERSION - 2 weeks (becomes full version when purchased)