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Ever wonder how easy it is to use an Emotiv Headset? Ever wondered what it would be like to control your computer, your games, helicopters, skateboards and cars with your mind? With this personal human interface device you will astonish your friends and amaze your cohorts. 

From gaming to neuroscience research, it’s the adventure that never ends. Tune into to our Webinars and find out for yourself. Be a part of it, ask questions and join in for some interesting conversation and fun. Let’s start at the beginning with some basics then reach for the stars. Join me and my guest panelists on how simple the actual setup of the Emotiv Headset can be.

  • Apr

    Thursday, April 24, 2014- Sun, April 27, 2014
    USA Science & Engineering Festival

    We are proud to support the @USA Science & Engineering Festival- the largest celebration of STEM in the country! Join us April 24-27th in Washington, DC at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center! - See more at:
  • Apr

    Friday, April 25, 2014- Sunday, April 27, 2014
    Hackendo: Integrate- The San Francisco Wearables + Externals IoT Hackathon

    About Hackendo: We're cutting the cruft and giving you a hackathon focused on building, personal interaction with product builders and founders, and next-level integration of wearables. This is the Internet of Everything and we're in this to create the future. We're welcoming everyone onboard, from small shops to large consumer products. This hackathon is about the community and bringing people together to build awesome stuff. Details April 25-27, 2014 Location: TechShop
  • May

    Sat, May 3, 2014- Sun, May 4, 2014
    NeuroGaming Hackathon- A BrainiHack Experience

    NeuroGaming Hackathon is a weekend long hackathon that will put cool technologies like brain computer interfaces, motion and gesture control, virtual reality and more in the hands of developers, designers, makers and visionaries. The theme this year is about convergence. It is organized by Brainihack as part of the NeuroGaming Conference. Lately a wave of new gaming technologies have been hitting the consumer market. For example, brain-machine interface devices are gaining traction, and while the concept of EEG in everyday life is compelling, it still remains highly uncharted waters for most. Putting this technology in the hands of makers along with other technologies will undoubtedly carry exciting results not only for their novelty, but also for their usefulness or sheer beauty. Come explore using the brain as an interface! Brainihack brings together entrepreneurs, developers, designers and artists for a weekend of hacking and app development for consumer brain machine interface devices from Emotiv, NeuroSky, and other exciting startups. As any hackathon, ideas will be pitched and selected, teams formed on the spot or beforehand, and apps developed within 2 days. Participants are also welcome to BYOD (bring your own device). DETAILS WHO Developers, designers, makers, brain-geeks and visionaries. Anyone who has a pinch of curiosity and wants to take part in the brain-tech wave that is upon us. WHEN Saturday – Sunday, May 3rd-4th, 2014. The NeuroGaming Conference is held May 7th-8th, the hackathon will be held in the preceding weekend. WHERE YetiZen Innovation Lab 540 Howard Street, 2nd Floor San Francisco, CA
  • May

    Wednesday, May 7, 2014- Thursday, May 8, 2014
    NeuroGaming Conference & Expo 2014

    We are at the dawn of the neurogaming age, on the cusp of making the impossible possible. What will happen at NeuroGaming 2014 is the follow up conference to the amazingly successful first year conference where over hundreds of CEOs, game designers, investors, sensor technologists, game developers, neurosoftware experts, game producers made new fruitful connections in this emerging gaming arena. Neurogaming 2014 Conference and Expo is the where your mind and body meet game play. Neurogame developers are using the latest emotional, cognitive, sensory and behavioral technologies to create radically compelling experiences to engage and entertain gamers worldwide. Hear from over 50 companies involved in neurogaming Try out the coolest neurogaming technologies Be amazed from a over a dozen mind blowing panels Find out how neurogame design works Learn about how neurogaming is impacting gaming, education, wellness, therapeutics and more NeuroGaming is the only place that you'll be able to experience everything from brain-controlled games to true augmented virtual reality experiences and even cognitive enhancing devices that send mild electrical pulses to your brain to improve concentration during game play, and so much more. At NeuroGaming 2014 you'll... Find out how neurogaming technologies are creating new growth opportunities See what venture and strategic investors are looking to fund in the space Hear from industry thought leaders and start up veterans on what's next Learn how neurogaming will impact all facets of the gaming industry Discover new partnering and revenue making opportunities Try out the latest neurogaming technologies for yourself Neurogaming is a disruptive force that will transform nearly every facet of the gaming industry, creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs and companies on the cutting edge to take leadership roles. If you are interested in the future of gaming or of humankind this is a must attend event.