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Ever wonder how easy it is to use an Emotiv Headset? Ever wondered what it would be like to control your computer, your games, helicopters, skateboards and cars with your mind? With this personal human interface device you will astonish your friends and amaze your cohorts. 

From gaming to neuroscience research, it’s the adventure that never ends. Tune into to our Webinars and find out for yourself. Be a part of it, ask questions and join in for some interesting conversation and fun. Let’s start at the beginning with some basics then reach for the stars. Join me and my guest panelists on how simple the actual setup of the Emotiv Headset can be.

  • Feb

    Sar, Feb 22, 2014 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM PST
    Designathon for the Emotiv Insight

    Calling innovators, designers, coders, makers, engineers, scientists, product managers, and everyone who's interested in creating awesome applications using the new EEG Brainwear Emotiv Insight! Bring your Innovative Ideas and Designs for our day-long Design contest. Show us what you can do and win a headset to enter our Codeathon in the summer! Emotiv Designathon is a design event to gather the brightest minds to brainstorm and design applications using EEG enabled wearable technology. Register your ideas or join a team on our wiki page. Prizes will be awarded for 4 categories: Most Helpful - Positively impacts the community Most Innovative - Most unique and forward thinking Best Wearable Mashup - Best integration of Insight with a wearable device Make A Mint - Most commercial and bankable app Our Fabulous Kickstarter Backers can automatically enter both events. Food and entertainment will be provided. Please join our Facebook event for new announcements.
  • May

    Sat, May 3, 2014- Sun, May 4, 2014
    NeuroGaming Hackathon- A BrainiHack Experience

    NeuroGaming Hackathon is a weekend long hackathon that will put cool technologies like brain computer interfaces, motion and gesture control, virtual reality and more in the hands of developers, designers, makers and visionaries. The theme this year is about convergence. It is organized by Brainihack as part of the NeuroGaming Conference. Lately a wave of new gaming technologies have been hitting the consumer market. For example, brain-machine interface devices are gaining traction, and while the concept of EEG in everyday life is compelling, it still remains highly uncharted waters for most. Putting this technology in the hands of makers along with other technologies will undoubtedly carry exciting results not only for their novelty, but also for their usefulness or sheer beauty. Come explore using the brain as an interface! Brainihack brings together entrepreneurs, developers, designers and artists for a weekend of hacking and app development for consumer brain machine interface devices from Emotiv, NeuroSky, and other exciting startups. As any hackathon, ideas will be pitched and selected, teams formed on the spot or beforehand, and apps developed within 2 days. Participants are also welcome to BYOD (bring your own device). DETAILS WHO Developers, designers, makers, brain-geeks and visionaries. Anyone who has a pinch of curiosity and wants to take part in the brain-tech wave that is upon us. WHEN Saturday – Sunday, May 3rd-4th, 2014. The NeuroGaming Conference is held May 7th-8th, the hackathon will be held in the preceding weekend. WHERE YetiZen Innovation Lab 540 Howard Street, 2nd Floor San Francisco, CA