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Public news from the Emotiv Team.
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{ & { (rdggnzmtw gwfxxssklRB) 04.01.2015 19:08:33
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A place for early discussions on the Emotiv EPOC. As the forum grows we will make more categories for more detailed topics.
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News, information and updates on applications and games for the Emotiv EPOC
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General questions about the Emotiv Software Development Kits
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Frequently Asked Questions. Ask us your questions, someone will gladly answer them.
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Order to France (Boucenna Hamza) 26.01.2015 03:10:07
You noticed something that could be fixed, or have an idea to improve the product, let us know.
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Your current situation (gmac) 22.01.2015 17:20:32
Help and Bug reports on technical issues. Please look into the FAQs first, your question might have been answered before.
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Controll robo-arm (Nina) 26.01.2015 10:04:05
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Master Mind (Roger Barnett) 23.01.2015 11:30:17
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