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Emotiv is a neuroengineering company that has brought to market affordable, consumer friendly, high-resolution, multichannel, wireless EEG systems.  Our amazing range of advanced algorithms allow these headsets to detect subconscious emotional states, facial expressions and user-trained mental commands which can control existing and custom applications and games as if by magic. This technology utterly transforms the way we interact with computers.  Emotiv is revolutionizing human-computer interactions by allowing computers to react to your moods and deliberate commands in a more natural way. This capability is available to consumers with a range of new and existing applications. Using our SDK, developers and researchers can integrate Emotiv data directly into new applications, driving an exciting range of novel uses.

Emotiv’s vision is to democratize brain research by enabling access to affordable, user-friendly, high-resolution brain measurement systems; and encourage and catalyze innovation in this field.  Applications for the Emotiv technology and interface span an amazing variety of industries - from gaming to interactive television, everyday computer interactions, hands-free control systems, smart adaptive environments, art, music, accessibility design, market research, psychology, medicine, robotics, toys, automotive, transport safety, education, self-improvement, defense and security. Emotiv is well established with developers and researchers in over 90 countries already working with the technology. 

To contact us, please send an email to hello@emotiv.com.

Our address details

Hong Kong
Room 611, Fook Cheong Building
63 Hoi Yuen Road,
Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
268 Bush Street, #4109
San Francisco,
CA 94104 USA
Suite 145, NIC Building,
4 Cornwallis Street,
Eveleigh NSW 2015 Australia
Office 113, 2nd Floor Medine Mews,
Chaussee Street,
Port Louis, Mauritius
24 Le Quy Don Street
Hai Ba Trung District,
Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: (+84) 466865029