Be part of our fast-growing team developing groundbreaking new products!  Emotiv is a growing neuro-engineering company developing state-of-the-art, advanced neuro-technologies for the next generation of human-computer interaction. 

Software Engineer - Contract Position

Emotiv is looking for a contract software developer who can design and implement a cross-platform software module.  The module will be capable of displaying content (video, graphical, questionnaires, audio), receiving user input (keypresses, mouse movement), interacting with a browser plugin to display HTML, and synchronizing this with incoming streams of biological data, governed by a scripting language that defines what gets displayed when.  Timing control and synchronization of content is essential, so familiarity with drivers and control of video / audio hardware is required, ideally on multiple platforms. 
The ideal candidate has experience in real-world software development with strong communication skills who can participate in design as well as implementation.  He or she knows the applicable cross-platform technologies sufficiently well (Python and OpenGL are on the table but the decision will be made in part based on the developer's expertise) to prototype rapidly and minimize false starts.  Experience with biosignals and/or neuroscience is similarly helpful, but not essential.
This is a contract position with possibilities for work on subsequent projects after this module is complete.

Even if we do not have any available openings that match your expertise and experience, we are always excited and open to hear from talented individuals who may wish to join our dynamic brain research lab or product development teams.  Internships are also available on a periodic basis. 

Please send your CV to